JOBI is a songwriter, producer and drummer

JOBI, Johannes Bickler

JOBI (Johannes Bickler) is an eclectic artist: composer, producer and drummer.

He has composed, arranged and produced since 2008 an EP "Sing me your song" and two LPs "JOBI 4" (Novunque srl, Self, EP 2009 and LP 2010) and "Thin line" (Own production - LP 2016).


Music is for JOBI a totalizing experience starting from the composition, writing lyrics, passing through arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering - in his recording studio - and also the graphics of his publications.

A full-fledged artist who understood through music that "... a person should be involved in as many creative processes as possible because they mean joy and freedom in an intuitive way."

He also writes for theater and tv and his collaborations as a drummer on tour and recording studio are innumerable, including among others: Pacifico, Samuele Bersani, Giovanni Nuti, Andrea Mirò, Caballà, Giangilberto Monti, Massimo Germini, Riccardo Fioravanti, Andrea Dulbecco, Diego Baiardi, Silvio Masanotti, Roberto Olzer, Marco Mistrangelo, Antonio Cervellino, Daniele Moretto, Fulvio Sigurtà, Paolo Iafelice, Luca Chiaravalli, Fabio Ilacqua and many more.


Since 2010 he also started the project Parole Sonore with actress Annamaria Rossano.

He lives and works in northern Italy, on a hill close to Lake Maggiore.

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