release date: 29.11.2019

JOBI Trio:

Johannes Bickler piano e batteria

Luca Pedroni chitarra elettrica

Marco Conti contrabbasso

Music & Production by Johannes Bickler | Recorded July 2019 by M. Conti at MCStudio, Gavirate (VA) &
Johannes Bickler in his studio | Mixed and Mastered by Johannes Bickler | Photo by Dino Boffa,
Cele Bellardone (front) & Ruth Bickler (rear) |

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Johannes Bickler drums, percussions, rhodes, piano

Roberto Olzer piano, rhodes

Marco Mistrangelo upright bass

Fulvio Sigurtà trumpet & flügelhorn

Giulia Duchi vocals

Nicola Curioni viola

Silvio Masanotti acoustic guitar

Johannes Bickler drums, persuccion & programming

Thony vocals

Fabio Visocchi piano & rhodes

Cesare Pizzetti upright bass

and with:

​Silvio Masanotti acoustic guitar

Marco Brioschi trumpet & flügelhorn

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